Monday, February 4, 2013

Quoth the Ravens...

The Superbowl champion Baltimore Ravens are odd birds. The Ravens of the NFL are an especially brutal squad, named after the poem "The Raven", by Edgar Allan Poe. The prime mover of the Ravens has been, for nearly two decades, Ray Lewis. Lewis was accused- and acquitted- of an act of depravity: causing death in 2000 outside a club in Atlanta. The prime mover of The Raven was accused of being a depraved, drunk and drug-addled madman. Edgar Allan Poe endured this reputation unfairly, at least according to the hereinbefore included Wikipedia article, due to the malicious efforts of a Poe biographer with an ax to grind. Lewis and Poe have endured a cloud of suspicion over years, but the were both very good at their jobs. It's fitting that Baltimore's football hero leaves a legacy of excellence, and, perhaps, moral ambiguity, but as a champion. Call it poetic justice.

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