Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Boxer.

With all the electronic stuff that kids get today, I wonder if they've gotten a proper appreciation of how great a plaything a huge box can be? Submarines, airplanes, and castles are all within the reach of any 8 year-old who's parents got a new kitchen appliance. I saw the big box at left as I was walking to the courthouse. I thought about climbing in... Nah, not in a suit. So I took a picture and spent a few minutes daydreaming about days of yore.


Anonymous said...

When I was teaching Kindergarten, I regularly hauled appliance boxes to the playground. it would morph from one thing into another as it wore out. The last uses when it flattened, were usually hopscotch and sometimes roads were drawn on which to "drive" the hotwheels around....Magical things, boxes! fdb

superdave524 said...

Magical, indeed, Frandy, as is your understanding of Kindergarteners.